Heterologous Type I Injectable Collagen Powder

Sterile and Pyrogene-free

Linerase Collagen is Heterologous Type I Collagen (HTIC) powder, sterile and pyrogen-free, of equine origin. Medical Device, injectable after powder dilution with normal saline (0,9% sodium chloride solution). This Medical Device is indicated for adult patients with skin atrophy, skin hypotonia and reduced skin elasticity due to congenital malformations or post-traumatic skin lesions.

Mechanism of Action

Collagen is a significant component in tissue regeneration, and it is the natural substrate for adhesion, growth, and differentiation of connective tissue cells. The type I soluble collagen is commonly used as cell stimulator in regenerative procedures.

Heterologous Type I Collagen (HTIC), known as Linerase is the perfect supplement for dermal biorevitalization and assists the regeneration and reconstruction of connective tissue in the dermis providing perfect conditions for the physiological neoformation of collagen.


This Medical Device must be brought in suspension immediately before use, by adding normal saline (0,9% sodium chloride solution), 5 ml to 100mg HTIC. Once you get the suspension, the product must be used immediately, and any residue should be discarded. The device is disposable for single use. The product is administered through intradermal

injections. The infiltration pattern that is followed is to inject 0.1 ml of the solution intradermal (or directly subdermal) at approximately 2 cm intervals over the treated area. The injection treatment is carried out using 30/32 gauze needle (length: 4 mm).

Upon completion of treatment, apply an even layer of Linerase Restoring Mask. Leave it on for 10 minutes. About 10 minutes later, remove gently with damp cotton pads. Due to its calming and soothing properties, Linerase Restoring Mask eradicates any sign of post-treatment erythema.


Protocol: One session every 14 days for 4 sessions

Maintenance treatment: One session every two months.

This Medical Device should be used by professional medical users with knowledge of the indicated pathologies with specific training for injection techniques and a good knowledge of the physiology of the treated area.


Each pack contains: 1 glass vial with 100 mg powder of equine collagen type I

It is a non allergenic product.

Preferably, do not use the product:

  • In patients with known hypersensitivityto collagen;
  • During pregnancy or breast-feeding;
  • In areas presenting cutaneous inflammatory and/or infectious processes (acne, herpes, etc.).

There are no known interactions with other substances.

Medical device injectable after powder dilution with sterile water for injection (wfi) or sterile normal saline (0,9% sodium chloride solution).

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